Manufacturing & Supply-Chain Working Group


The NIC Manufacturing and Supply Chain Working Group is made up of nuclear industry members focused on enhancing and promoting greater market access and global competitiveness.  Components and capabilities associated with its members and the U.S. nuclear industry as a whole reflect the highest standards of safety, quality and performance.   The Working Group is undertaking activities that are intended to leverage these attributes and improve business opportunities, strategic partnering and outreach/networking opportunities.  These efforts should better position its members to benefit from new build and other nuclear energy projects in the U.S. and abroad.


Currently the Working Group is targeting the following key manufacturing and supply chain areas:  engineering, design and construction support to utilities, fabrication and components, materials and forgings.  The Working Group has developed short and long-term strategic plans.  Some major activities in these plans include addressing issues that impact on moving the U.S. manufacturing and supply chain forward and participating in “key mover” and other site visits where nuclear power expansion, including new technology deployments, are either planned or underway. 

Latest Actions:


USNIC Working Group Launches Small Modular Reactor Supply Chain Mapping Initiative. 

The U.S. Nuclear Industry Council (NIC) has deployed a campaign to develop a generic supply chain map enveloped from available design concept information from member company small modular reactor (SMR) designers.  Link



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