Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Innovation Nuclear Energy Leadership Summit and Showcase

Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Summit & Showcase

Under the auspices of

The U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council

and in cooperation with the

Idaho National Laboratory


Summit Co-Sponsors

Centrus Energy


U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council

Summit Showcase Sponsor

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Contributing Sponsor

HOLTEC Government Services

Cooperating Organization

Idaho National Laboratory



October 3-4,2017 | Idaho Falls, ID

Monday, October 2

5:30 pm Welcome Reception - INL Meeting Center (South end of the Energy Innovation

Laboratory, 775 University Boulevard, Idaho Falls, ID, 83415)

Tuesday, October 3

7:30 am Registration & Coffee

8:00 am Welcome & Overview

Mr. David Blee

Executive Director

U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council

Ms. Amy Lientz

Director - Partnerships, Engagement and Technology Deployment

Idaho National Laboratories

Hon. Rebecca Casper

Mayor of Idaho Falls

8:15 am Department of Energy Perspective

Ms. Suzanne Jaworowski

Chief of Staff

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy

8:45 am Industry Keynote:

The New U.S. Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing

Mr. Edward J. Sheehan, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Concurrent Technologies Corporation &

Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing

9:15 am The U.S. and Global Nuclear Energy Market Landscape

Mr. Walter Howes

Managing Director

Vedigris Capital

10:00 am Break

10:15 Keynote: Innovate and Prosper

Mr. Llewellyn King

Publisher Emeritus - The Energy Daily &

Executive Producer - White House Chronicle on PBS

10:45 am Key Technology Developer Challenges and Opportunities

Mr. Scott Bailey

Vice President, Supply Chain

Nuscale Power

Mr. Fran Bolger

Manager, New Product Introduction

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

Mr. Robin Rickman

Vice President Business Development

Terrestrial Energy

12:00 pm Lunch

Dr. Rory Kennedy


The Nuclear Science User Facilities

1:00 pm Special INL SMR Update

Dr. George Griffith

Small Modular Reactor Deployment Manager

Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Tammie Borders

Research Scientist and Industry Coordination

Idaho National Laboratory

1:30 pm Idaho National Lab Perspective

Dr. Mark Peters

Laboratory Director

Idaho National Laboratory

2:00 pm Key Supplier Challenges and Opportunities

Mr. Clint Armstrong

Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Subject Matter Expert

Westinghouse Electric Company

Mr. Brad Dunkin

Nuclear Lead, Vigor


Principal, Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Mr. Patrick Heflin

Project Manager

Holtec Government Services

Mr. Eric Klotzbach

Nuclear Sales Engineer

Energy Steel

3:15 pm Break

3:30 pm Government & National Laboratory Initiatives I

Mr. Tom Miller

Director, Office of Nuclear Reactor Technologies

U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. John Jackson

GAIN Technical Interface

Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Hussein Khalil

Director, Nuclear Energy and Security Program

Distinguished Fellow

Argonne National Laboratory

4:30 pm Government & National Laboratory Initiatives II

Dr. Corey McDaniel

Vice President, Business Development & Commercial Ventures

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Dr. Brenden Heidrich

Capabilities Coordinator

The Nuclear Science User Facilities

5:30 pm –7:00 pm Networking Reception

Wednesday, October 4

8:00 am Overarching Issues I

Transformative Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing

Dr. Robert O'Brien

Group Leader for Advanced Manufacturing and New Nuclear Fuels


Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Isabella Van Rooyen

Distinguished Staff Scientist & Principal Investigator - Next-Generation

Nuclear Fuel

Idaho National Laboratory

Additive Manufacturing on Nuclear Components & Fuels

Mr. Greg Hersak, P.Eng

Manager, Mechanical Equipment Development

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Meeting Future Energy System Demands

Dr. Shannon Bragg-Sitton

Deputy National Technical Director, DOE Advanced Fuels Campaign

Lead, Nuclear Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems

Manager, Systems Integration Department

Idaho National Laboratory

9:30 am Advanced Fuel Development Initiatives

Mr. Harlan Bowers



Mr. Michael Whitehurst

Director Business Development

Centrus Energy Corp.

10:15 am Break

10:30 am Overarching Issues II

Cyber Security for Direct Digital Manufacturing

Mr. Scott Zimmerman

Principal Cybersecurity Engineer

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Building a Regional Supply Chain Cluster & Factory Assembly of SMRs

Mr. Vincent Gilbert

Senior Fellow


Workforce Development

Ms. Amy Lientz

Director - Partnerships, Engagement and Technology Deployment

Idaho National Laboratory

Navigating Through Challenging Market Dynamics

Mr. Donald Hoffman

President and CEO

EXCEL Services Corporation

12:00 pm Closing Charge

Mr. David Blee

Executive Director

U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council


1:00 pm –5:00 pm DOE AMM Workshop

Immediately following the Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Innovation Leadership Summit, USDOE's Office of Nuclear Energy will hold its

annual review of the current projects that are part of its Advanced Methods for

Manufacturing program. The DOE workshop will run from Wednesday

afternoon, October 4, into the afternoon of Thursday, October 5. It also is being

held at the Shiloh Inn Conference Center, the same venue as the

Summit. During the DOE AMM workshop, more than a dozen principal

investigators will review the status of their research and discuss the relevance of

their findings to advanced manufacturing. Their presentations will cover

advancements in:

• Welding and Joining Technologies

• Additive Manufacturing

• Modular Fabrication

• Concrete Materials and Rebar Innovations

• Data Configuration Management

• Surface Modifications and Cladding Processes

Thursday, Oct. 5

8:00 am – 12:30 pm DOE AMM Workshop

Please note that registration for the AMM Annual Program Review Workshop is

separate from registration in the Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Innovation Leadership Summit.