Working Groups

The NIC Manufacturing and Supply Chain Working Group is made up of nuclear industry members focused on enhancing and promoting greater market access and global competitiveness.  Components and capabilities associated with its members and the U.S. nuclear industry as a whole reflect the highest standards of safety, quality and performance. Learn More

The NIC Technology Group Members are experts in their field and work to stay on the cutting edge of the nuclear technology  in order to analyze the new technology's impact on the nuclear industry. Learn More

The NIC Back-End Working Group covers key legislative, regulatory, and industry events that affect the Back-End of the nuclear fuel cycle. Learn More

The NIC Environmental Management Task Force covers key events, legislation, and policy issues in nuclear industry's impact on the environment.   Learn More

The NIC International Working Group encourages and works towards greater collaboration in the field of nuclear energy between governments and companies on a global scale.  Learn More

The NIC Outreach and Programs Working Group continuously works towards educating the general public about Nuclear Energy and about what they can do to help the industry.  Learn More


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