USNIC-Argonne Special Technical Symposium 

Technology & Process Innovation in Advanced Reactor Economics


The U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council and Argonne National Laboratory Present:

A Special Technical Symposium Focusing on the Economics of 
Advanced Reactors.


January 28-29, 2014 at Argonne National Laboratory, just outside of Chicago, IL.


The goal of this symposium is to bring nuclear visionaries and innovators together with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to discuss methods for improving the cost and deployment timeframe of advanced reactors. Specifically this group is intended to engage in a discussion of practical ideas and concepts that have the potential of significantly improving the economics of advanced reactor design, deployment, and operations.


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Opening Perspective:

Panel 1 - Current Concepts:

Panel 2 - Overarching Issues:

Policy Perspective - The Economic & Policy Nexus:

Panel 3 - Overarching Issues Part 2:

Panel 4 - Financial & Entrepreneurial Aspects:

Panel 5 - Government/Private Sector Collaboration:

Other Material: 






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