The United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC) is the leading U.S. business advocate for advanced nuclear energy and promotion of the American supply chain globally. USNIC represents approximately 80 companies engaged in nuclear innovation and supply chain development, including technology developers, manufacturers, construction engineers, key utility movers, and service providers.

In addition to supporting robust national security, progressive medical therapies, decommissioning & environmental management, and deep space exploration, USNIC provides an effective nuclear energy pathway to new, flexible technologies through educational programs, industry insights and market intelligence that bring together bi-partisan Federal and State legislators who create a successful clean energy paradigm that includes nuclear.

"Supporting the advancement of the nuclear industry, globally"


USNIC advances the development and implementation of new nuclear technology and services to secure the U.S. economic supply chain in America and abroad.


USNIC’s vision is to advance nuclear energy to be established, recognized, and accepted world-wide as an essential baseload, emissions-free, reliable, and clean energy source. Moreover, we envision the expansion of the use of nuclear for space, medical, propulsion and other advanced applications.

Working Groups

USNIC divides its strategic priorities into five working groups composed of member-based experts who provide relevant material and develop strategic objectives to achieve a dynamic and self-sustaining U.S. nuclear energy industry. The groups focus on supporting a broad range of initiatives to strengthen and promote the United States as the global leader in next generation nuclear applications.



  • New Nuclear Capital Special Summit and Showcase
    A large-scale conference focused on markets and financing for advanced nuclear energy. Member-Guests. Traveling locations. Registration fee applies. Special Member and sponsor rates available.
  • Advanced Nuclear Reactor Summit
    A large-scale conference and showcase focusing on advanced reactor development and deployment. Member-Guest. Traveling locations.  Registration fee applies. Special Member and sponsor rates available.
  • Distinguished Leadership and Special Achievement Awards Dinner
    Select Members of Congress receive exclusive award and recognition for their outstanding work on behalf of the nuclear energy industry at this private dinner. Members Only. Others by invitation. Washington, DC.

Regularly Held

  • Quarterly "Chatham House" Member-Policymaker Meetings
    Members Only meetings with top level Administration, Congressional and government officials and policy makers together with industry leaders, including speakers from entities such as NRC, White House, U.S. DOE and Congress, held in Washington, DC.
  • Monthly "First Tuesday" Breakfast Discussion Series
    Candid off-the-record discussions with Congressional or Administration energy staffer each month to discuss Bills, policy and what is happening in their worlds as well as their Member’s views over breakfast in a small personal setting. Held in Washington, DC.
  • Topical Nuclear Roundtable Discussion Series
    Informal Members only round-table conversations on topical nuclear energy issues with guest speakers including Congressional and Administration staffers and industry experts.
  • Diplomatic Program on Nuclear Energy
    USNIC teams with Foreign Embassies for briefings update on nuclear energy around the world.
  • Ready4Nuclear Regional Supply-Chain Workshops
    Supporting the U.S. nuclear industry supply chain in America and around the world, get up-to-date information from industry and government leaders to help move businesses forward.
  • International Nuclear Energy Industry Missions
    The United States Nuclear Industry Council hosts the Congressional Energy Leaders’ Forum Series. These briefings bring together Members of Congress with industry and scientific leaders to cultivate important relationships, communicate industry information, and relay transformative nuclear energy developments that contribute to national security, a clean energy economy, as well as other transformational applications for advanced nuclear technology.

Energy Leaders' Forum

The United States Nuclear Industry Council is honored to lead the Congressional Energy Leaders’ Forum. A series of small, personal summits, the Forums bring members of Congress together with industry and scientific leaders cultivating important relationships, industry intelligence, and transformative nuclear energy developments contributing to national security and a clean energy economy.


Deployment / First Movers / Technology

  • First mover advocacy and bolstered incentives for demonstration and deployment
  • Supply chain readiness for small reactor advanced manufacturing transformation andconstruction
  • U.S. DOD procurement of small reactor prototypes
  • Action on multiple avenues to meet the need for High Assay LEU
  • Funding for DOE NE, I-FOA, VTR, ARPA-E, and the Loan Program Office

Policy / Advocacy

  • Enactment of the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act
  • Build on FY20 funding successes for key DOE programs like the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program, Versatile Test Reactor, ARPA-E and other R&D on new reactor systems, and new materials for them and for existing reactors
  • Action on multiple avenues to meet the need for HALEU and other advanced fuels
  • Establishment of financial incentives and domestic financing options that support first-of-a-kind deployments, like investment tax credits and the Loan Program Office
  • Favorable treatment for new nuclear generation in recent clean energy and climate change legislation in the Congress
  • Advancement of the multiple Department of Defense microreactor initiatives
  • Resolution of the fuel backend impasse

Regulatory Modernization

  • Accelerate Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing transformation
  • Streamline environmental reviews for advanced reactors (such as the generic EIS)
  • Support pending and new licensing applications
  • Support subsequent license renewals for the existing fleet
  • Further international licensing collaboration
  • Finalize favorable Emergency Preparedness and Security rules for new technologies


  • Repeal of the new U.S. International Development Finance Corporation’s prohibition on nuclear financing
  • Expand Export-Import Bank nuclear financing post 7-year reauthorization enacted in 2019
  • Strengthen whole of government advocacy for U.S.technology and supply chain
  • Further outreach to global private sector finance community