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The United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC) is the leading business consortium advocate for advanced nuclear energy and promotion of the American nuclear supply chain globally.


Composed of over 80 companies USNIC represents the "Who's Who" of the nuclear energy supply chain community, including key utility movers, technology developers, fuel cycle companies, construction engineers, manufacturers and service providers.

Key Council strategic priorities include:

  1. Launching the next wave of U.S. nuclear energy plants;

  2. Revitalizing the U.S. supply-chain infrastructure and competing in the global market;

  3. Resolving key building block issues such as a sustainable fuel cycle.


Our portfolio of issues encompasses a laser focus on critical nuclear infrastructure “building blocks" globally including:


  • Key Mover Deployment;

  • Technology Advancement (Gen 3+, SMRs, Advanced Reactors, NGNP, Recycling);

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Supply-Chain Readiness;

  • Sustainable Fuel Cycle (front and backend);

  • Global Nuclear Energy Commerce;

  • Regulatory Reform & Modernization;

  • Environmental Management & D&D;

  • Outreach & Education.


USNIC was Founded in 2018 as the successor organization to the U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council, organized in 2008 as the successor organization to the United States Transport Council, which was organized in 2002.

USNIC encompasses eight working groups and select task forces.

  • Advanced Reactors Task Force

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Working Group

  • Back-End Working Group

  • International Exports Working Group

  • Environmental Management Task Force

  • Nuclear Transportation Task Force

  • Nuclear D&D Task Force

  • Outreach & Programs


“Lasered focus on critical new nuclear infrastructure globally” 


USNIC Programs & Initiatives


  • Quarterly Members meetings with industry and policy decision makers


  • Monthly “First Tuesday” Capitol Hill discussion series


  • Topical Nuclear Roundtable discussion series


  • Diplomatic Program on Nuclear Energy


  • Annual U.S. Special Summit on Global Nuclear Energy Markets


  • Annual Advanced Nuclear Summit


  • Annual Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain Leadership Summit


  • Ready4Nuclear Regional Workshops


  • International nuclear energy Fact Finding Missions


  • Annual Distinguished Leadership and Special Achievement Awards


  • Stewardship of the Sustainable Fuel Cycle Task Force


  • Working Groups and Task Forces focused on consensus actions key to market and business development, including: Advanced Reactors; Advanced Manufacturing & Supply Chain; Back-End; Exports; Environmental Management; Decommissioning; Transportation and Outreach

  • Just-in-time communiqués on key mover developments, business and policy intelligence

USNIC 2018 Initiatives:


  • Renewed focus on the White House nuclear energy review;

  • Ramped-up global market advocacy for 123 civil nuclear agreements and international missions including the UK and Japan;

  • Concentrated Industry-leading advanced nuclear and supply chain-focused platforms including fuel cycle sustainability, advanced reactors GAP assessment, factory assembly and Ready4Nuclear regional meetings;

  • Enhanced energy toward Yucca Mountain/consolidated storage; DOE Environmental Management prioritization; and MOX Project Completion

  • Continued laser focus on government and commercial business opportunities;

  • Building on the Millennials for Nuclear and other social media education platforms



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