International and Finance Working Group


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External Event of Interest

September 7-8; Climate Investment Summit, Copenhagen (Live & Digital)

September 8-10; WNA Symposium (Virtual)

September 13-15 DEM 2021 SFEN International Conference on Decommissioning,Avignon

September 15-17; CNA2021 Virtual Conference: Leading Innovations to Achieve aNet-Zero World

September 20-24; IAEA General Conference (applications for US mission due 16 July)

September 21-23; EXIM Bank Annual Conference (Virtual)

October 13-15; 14 th  World Energy Congress and Expo, Antalya, Turkey

October 19-21; China International Nuclear Power Industry and EquipmentExhibition, Yantai City

November 30-December 2 World Nuclear Exhibition Paris (WNE)


Chair: Paul Amico, Jensen Hughes
Vice-Chair: Sydney McNiff Johnson, Galena Strategies LLC
Senior Fellow: Rob Smart, USNIC

Mission Statement

The USNIC International & Finance Working Group promotes the export of US nuclear products and services and associated financing options. US nuclear technology is among the best in the world. With nuclear energy being essential to carbon-free generation, strong markets are opening up around the world. However, exporting US technology is often at a disadvantage due to cost, export restrictions (and the associated complexity of the export control regulations), and the advantages afforded to other countries through aggressive financing programs. The International & Finance Working Group’s mission is to help exporters to navigate this minefield through educating US Government agencies and legislators about nuclear markets, provide information to exporters on financing programs, provide opportunities to engage foreign buyers and partners, and try to level the playing field.

Scope of Interest

• Selection and prioritization of countries for 123 agreements.
• Selection and prioritization of countries for NCMOUs
• Export controls and restrictions (10 CFR 810 improvements, 15 CFR 732, entity list)
• International harmonization of regulations for new light water reactors, small modular reactors, and non-light water reactors.
• Interface with International Atomic Energy Agency, World Nuclear Association
• Policies and initiatives of EXIM Bank, DFC, and USTDA
• USNIC trade missions/reverse trade missions, including cooperation with DoC and NEI international trade functions.
• Coordination with other USNIC Working Groups:

• Fuel Cycle Working Group – Financing for the export of nuclear fuel; used fuel recycling; used fuel repositories
• Advanced Nuclear Working Group – demonstration and technology support programs of U.S. DOE, U.S. DOD, and Canadian government for Advanced Nuclear; hydrogen generation markets; international harmonization of regulations
• Strategic Technology Development Working Group – hydrogen generation
• Advanced Manufacturing, Construction and Decommissioning Working Group – construction licensing regulations


• Monthly member meetings
• Informational seminars on export support and financing mechanisms – how they work and how to apply

• International Trade Administration services
• USTDA funding programs (sole source and competitive)
• EXIM Bank financing programs (major projects, Engineering Multiplier Program, letter of interest program, China program)
• Development Finance Corporation financing programs (Technical Development Program, debt financing)

• NIC participation in IAEA Annual Meeting
• NIC participation in international symposiums, summits, etc., including selection and prioritization
• Presentations and position papers for government agencies and legislators
• Meeting notes and breaking news to USNIC members.